The RoboTAsk Project

Marie Curie Actions The RoboTAsk Project is supported by the EU Marie Curie Actions within the 7th European Community Framework Programme.

The project deals with the learning of action words in the iCub humanoid robot by discovering tool affordances via statistical inference.
Within the RoboTAsk project, insights from cognitive science and neuroscience will play a crucial role for cognitive modelling in robots.

iCub In the development of the proposed project, the iCub humanoid robot will be employed in linguistic investigations with the dual aim of endowing the robot with the capability to communicate and interact with humans, and further understanding the mechanisms underlying language development.

Contacts of the Fellow

Dr. Francesca Stramandinoli
Robotics Brain Cognitive Sciences Department
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Via Morego, 30, 16163 Genoa (IT)

Email: francesca.stramandinoli[at]

Photo Gallery

A collection of pictures taken during dissemination activities. Click here to go to the Photo Gallery. RoboTAsk